Women Who Code
with Practicum

Practicum has teamed up with WomenWhoCode to support women starting their tech journey through a joint scholarship program.
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What do we offer?
(1) Training inside our interactive coding platform.
(2) 24/7 support and mentorship to break through roadblocks.
(3) 6-15 projects so that your portfolio stands out to employers.
Who can apply?
(1) You self-identify as a woman, transgender person, genderqueer, or non-binary person.
(2) You are based in the US.
(3) You are ready to commit at least 20 hours a week to your studies.
(4) You are WomenWhoCode member.
How to apply
(1) Please fill out the application form and tell us about your journey.
(2) As we will consider your application, you get access to our free intro course.
(3) After a brief review period, we get back to you about your application.
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What program should I choose?

Scholarship options are available for our Web Developer, Data Scientist, and Data Analyst programs. Visit the individual course pages to find out more.
Web Developer
fully remote, part-time, 10 month
Start to develop websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, build user interfaces with React, and use Git to work in a team. You will also learn how to work with web servers such as Nginx and write server-side code with Node.js
Data Analyst
fully remote, part-time, 6 month
Data analysts are essential in business, administration, and science. Learn how to work with fundamental tools such as Python and its libraries, the Jupyter Notebook, and SQL.
Our mission is to teach you how to use these tools.
Data Scientist
fully remote, part-time, 8 month
Data scientists are needed in business, manufacturing, and science. Learn how to work with such essential tools as Python and its libraries, including Scikit-Learn and XGBoost, Jupyter Notebook, and SQL.
Alaina Percival
CEO of Women
Who Code

"Women Who Code is proud of the transformative scholarships that we have been able to make available to our members, and we are thankful to partner institutions like Practicum that support a more inclusive tech industry."

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Practicum by Yandex is an educational platform that bridges the gap between short-term online courses and full-time bootcamps. We pay-attention to diversity and inclusion and try to provide education to everyone, regardless of social status.
Women Who Code is an international nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. The organization has executed more than 10,000 free events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 230,000 in 122 countries.
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